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4 essential commercial paint coats and their applications

4 essential commercial paint coats and their applications
06 Aug 2021

Industrial paint coatings are extensively used to protect all types of commercial surfaces, appliances, components, architectural finishes, commercial metal furniture and more. These commercial coatings are easy to apply and they last for a long time. In this blog, we are going to talk about 4 essential coatings that are used for industrial painting purposes.

1. Lacquers:

Lacquers are clear & they are manufactured from the lacquer tree. They are common paint coats widely used in the commercial painting process in Dublin. According to professionals, lacquer coatings are mainly used to protect metals, woods & other common surfaces. Lacquer coatings are extremely durable & can be used as the pigmented base coatings, which are known as shellac.

Key applications of lacquer coatings:

Lacquers are used to add coats in commercial furniture, metal, industrial equipment, wood panelling, garage doors, architectural and automotive components.

2. Powder coatings

Nowadays, powder coating is in great demand in the commercial painting industry. These coatings can be applied as dry powder. It has become very popular because of its advantages. Powder coating is classified into two types. They include thermoplastic powder coating & thermoset powder coating. Powder coatings
are less expensive, easy to apply & reliable.

Key applications of powder coatings:

Powder coatings are used for commercial appliances, metal, automotive, electrical appliances, architectural finishes, agricultural equipment, etc.

3. Enamel paint

Enamel paint mainly refers to different kinds of pigmented liquids or powders applied to bring back the beauty & protect the surface. Enamels are semi-transparent or opaque that is environmentally safe and stable. Enamel paints are long-lasting & consist of Lower volatile organic compounds or VOCs. Enamel paints mainly have a long curing & drying time as compared to lacquer paints.

Key applications of enamel paints:

Enamel paints have several applications. They are widely used for commercial concrete surfaces, appliances, automotive engines, counters, industrial equipment, brakes, etc.

4. Varnishes

Varnishes are common liquid coatings that are mainly composed of resin, oil, and solvents or thinners. These kinds of commercial coatings offer waterproof, durable, abrasion & chemical resistant coverings to several surfaces. Varnishes are generally impregnated with pigments for adding both protection &colours to the substrate. Apart from that, varnishes can be easily applied in several layers to increase durability.

Key applications of varnishes

Varnishes are extensively used for different commercial surfaces, industrial equipment, office furniture, appliances and other components.

The importance of commercial paint coats is huge. They protect any surface efficiently and bring back the original beauty as well.

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